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10x Faster, 3x Cheaper
Blockchain Platform

We all deserve a faster blockchain platform

Unfortunately, the current blockchain API platforms don't provide us with that.

The blockchain world is littered with node service providers. Yet, downloading blockchain data takes weeks, and comes at a prohibitive cost in API calls, calculated in hard-to-understand Compute Units, ranging from 10 all the way to 3000 CUs per call.

We believe that downloading blockchain data shouldn't be that slow. Or that expensive. Drawing from our decades-long distributed systems and storage experience, we built

We ran the numbers.
Over 6 different ETH RPC calls, with 4 concurrent threads

Queries Per Second Benchmark

0xFast provides 7.5x to 10x more throughput.

0xFast returns responses 8x faster

Latency Benchmarks

0xFast achieves 5000 QPS
while maintaining 16 ms latency

$2 / GiB

Pricing doesn't have to be complicated. It shouldn't require compute-units mental gymnastics and a reference page.

That's why we charge $2 per GiB of data transfer.


Any API. Any Chain. Unlimited Calls.

0xFast is 3x Cheaper

5M CUs of Alchemy ~ 1 GiB. At $1.20 per 1M CUs, Alchemy costs $6 / GiB.

How do we achieve performance and cost savings?  Glad you asked.

Databases were meant to deal with datasets that change frequently. They have to provide ACID guarantees to ensure correctness.


The solution to this problem becomes more complex with scale. Distributed transactions, sharding, replication, and fault tolerance are notoriously slow.

Databases are just NOT designed for blockchain data.

So, we built a new system for blockchain

A system designed to take full advantage of the fact that blockchain data is immutable, and correctness has been dealt with already.

We built a cheaper and simpler storage and indexing system from scratch that can scale to the heaviest blockchain workloads out there.

Despite every heavy write and query load, this system barely spins its fans. No sweat!

This new system powers 0xFast.

Not only that...

We build and run our own servers. In datacenters. Optimized for our software.

So, you get the best possible performance.

10x Faster. 3x Cheaper.

Supercharge your killer Blockchain App with 0xFast.

Almost like a cheatcode. - ♥ from San Francisco!

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